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About Us
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Skip and Anne Smith have been going to the Philadelphia Folk Festival for years (2001 marks Anne's 34th and Skip's 20th).
Over those years we have camped with friends we already had (like Thom McConlogue and Janice Affonso) and made many new ones.

The OASIS itself grew from a few clustered tents to a more deluxe version in 1992 when we moved to our present location, 1 Oasis Avenue - at the corner of LogLine and Main in the campground at the festival. We now build a 1750 square foot "house", with shelter from the sun, running water and peaceful comfort.

Many of the residents are PFF Volunteers and others are ticket holders.

OASIS 2K1 will house 22 nomads this year:

Anne & Skip Smith PFF-TV
Kate Smith PFF-TV
Pat Zimmerman Reserved Seating
Thom McConlogue Reserved Seating
Bobby McConlogue Reserved Seating
John McPhilemy Reserved Seating, Chairman
Vicki McIver Ticket Holder
Janice Affonso Ticket Holder
Lorraine Ellis Ticket Holder
Carmen Reynal Security
Steve Beuret PFF-TV
Barbara Hirshkowitz PFF-TV
Pete Jones PFF-TV
Gery Treichler PFF-TV
Paul Treichler PFF-TV
David Treichler PFF-TV
Paris Bush Ticket Holder
Franz Niedemeyer Communications
Sabena Howell Communications
Jeremy Birnbaum Production (Formerly Sound)
Brenda Norris Production


At the fest or anywhere else, look for the twin palms!