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Research and Development are ongoing at the Oasis.

The grand Sheik (Skip) has designed and built the roof, the rain gutters, the water works - including sink, and shower, the hygiene (or Hi Gene) Hall way, plus countertops, and cooler rack that holds all of our coolers. 

The Oasis includes a  living room, kitchen, cooking areas, room for tents, access to the hygiene hall way which is shared with Club Ned and has two showers, a personal hygiene sink, and privacy.

Most of the structural materials are 1 inch EMT (conduit), which is cut to length for legs, roof trusses, the ridge and edges of the 1750 square foot interior.  Fittings come from various suppliers and some are custom made for particular purposes. We use very heavy duty silver tarps for the roof - in order to keep the Oasis as cool and shady as possible.

If you want to chat about research and design, contact Skip via email at